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Projects That Call for Renting a Dumpster

Remember: Southern Roll Off Dumpster Rental has a great selection of dumpsters for residential or commercial use. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver within 24 hours and can pick up just as fast!

Here are some of the most common projects in and around Baton Rouge that our customers depend on us for their dumpster renting needs.

1. Home Renovation Projects

Whether you're updating your kitchen or remodeling your bathroom, home renovation projects generate a lot of waste. Old cabinets, appliances, and fixtures all need to be disposed of, and residential project dumpsters can make the process much easier. With a dumpster on-site, you can quickly and easily dispose of debris as you work, keeping your work area clean and organized.

2. Construction Projects

Construction projects generate a lot of waste, from concrete and drywall to roofing materials and lumber. Renting a dumpster for your commercial jobs can help keep the job site clean, making it safer for workers and visitors. Having a dumpster on-site can also help you stay in compliance with local regulations regarding waste management. (Please note, however: Southern Roll Off Dumpster Rental is not a waste management company!)

3. Landscaping Projects

If you're undertaking a large landscaping project, such as removing a tree or redesigning your yard, renting a dumpster can be a life-saver. Garden waste, such as leaves, branches, and grass clippings, can be too much for a regular trash can or yard waste bin. With a dumpster, you can easily dispose of all your yard waste, as well as any other debris generated by the project.

4. Events

If you're planning a large event, such as a wedding or concert, you may need to rent a dumpster. All that food waste, paper, and bottles can quickly fill up regular trash cans. With a dumpster on-site, you can ensure that your event stays clean and tidy, so y’all can focus on having a good time. You'll just need a roll off dumpster trailer at the end to come pick up and haul away!

5. Moving and Decluttering

It’s never too late for spring cleaning! If you're moving or decluttering your home, you may find that you have a lot of “special heirlooms” (cough, garbage, cough). Renting a dumpster can make the process much easier, allowing you to quickly and easily dispose of your attic full of junk. This can be especially helpful if you're downsizing or moving to a smaller home, as it can be difficult to dispose of a large amount of items through regular trash pickup. We have a 15-yard dumpster perfect for your job!

What Are You Waiting For? Give Us A Call Now!

In summary, renting a dumpster can be a great solution for managing waste generated by a variety of different projects. Whether you're renovating your home, undertaking a construction project, or planning a large event, a roll-off dumpster can give you peace of mind.

At Southern Roll Off Dumpster Rental, we offer 30 day standard rental periods, with swap out service as needed. We serve East Baton Rouge Parish with a fleet of drivers ready to serve your dumping needs.

We offer competitive pricing, with no hidden surcharges. So fill out our contact form or just give us a call at 225-238-8000!

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