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Why Choose Southern Roll Off Dumpster Rental?

Providing services in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas for:


waste management services
residential container junk
construction dumpster

We're a Local business! – Dealing with a local business owner in Baton Rouge, not some national broker or chain that has no business in East Baton Rouge Parish

Our Products & Services

We offer roll-off containers for both contractors and the residential renovation project. With some of the best rental rates in South Louisiana and the fastest service, we are your go-to for reliability in product and delivery service. Whether you need a 15 yard, 20 yard, or 30 yard construction dumpster delivered to you location, our team can help you select and rent the right sized dumpster for your needs and deliver to you on the same-day. With a large inventory of dumpster trailers, we can cater to your rolloff dumpster rental needs in Baton Rouge.

Service Area
10 Yard Container

The smallest container on our yard is the 10yd which is great for residential jobs or tight fitting spaces that can't support a larger dumpster.

15 Yard Container

The largest container size we carry, the 30 yd dumpster is a popular rental available for most job sites. Whether a large construction dump or some cheap waste management needs, this container will do the job.

30 Yard Container

Another smaller container on our yard, the 15yd is great for small to medium size jobs as well some some quick cleanup that won't fit in the 10 yard roll off.

We provide same day delivery service to all

of East Baton Rouge Parish and surrounding areas. If you are out-side of the BR Metro area, give us a call and we can let you know our availability. 

A list of the main areas we provide roll-off

delivery and rental services are:

  • Baton Rouge

  • Denham Springs

  • Prarieville

  • South Baton Rouge

  • North Baton Rouge

  • Central

  • Gonzales

  • Geismar

  • Downtown

  • River road

  • Watson

  • Zachary

  • Central

  • Livingston Parish

  • and many other surrounding areas

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trash removal - site cleanups -  demolition services.
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This medium size container is the popular in-between size that has a sizable volume for trash and waste material. This is a popular size for all types of jobs

20 Yard Container




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